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Charlene Ruto Launches Heartwarming Shoe Distribution Initiative in Kitui South, Benefiting 1,000 Schoolchildren

Charlene Ruto Launches Heartwarming Shoe Distribution Initiative in Kitui South

Kitui South, June 3, 2024 — A significant and heartwarming event unfolded in Kitui South as Charlene Ruto, daughter of President William Ruto, inaugurated a substantial shoe distribution initiative aimed at schoolchildren. The program, part of the Zero Barefoot initiative, will benefit approximately 1,000 students from 20 schools.

In her welcoming speech, MP Dr. Racheal Nyamai lauded Charlene Ruto for choosing this impactful project and extended her gratitude to CS Penina Malonza for hosting the event. Dr. Nyamai highlighted the dignity that proper footwear brings to children and pledged her unwavering support for the initiative.

The distribution took place in Mutha and Kanziko wards, providing shoes to numerous schools. In Mutha ward, recipient schools included Kawelu Primary School, Itumba Primary School, Mwaani Primary School, Kivyuni Primary School, Mutha Primary School, and Winduma Primary School. In Kanziko ward, Simisi Primary School and Muthue Primary School were the beneficiaries.

The event, held at Itumba Primary School, saw Charlene Ruto as the chief guest. Local residents welcomed her warmly, expressing their gratitude for the much-needed footwear provided to their children.

MP Dr. Racheal Nyamai and CS Penina Malonza reaffirmed their commitment to ongoing collaborative efforts for the community’s betterment. They urged local residents and leaders to actively support President Ruto’s administration. MP Nyamai thanked Charlene Ruto for the initiative, emphasizing its positive impact on children’s lives by ensuring they have proper footwear for school. Both leaders stressed the importance of community support and solidarity in driving development and progress in Kitui South.

The shoe distribution initiative marks a significant step towards enhancing the educational experience for children in the region, ensuring they can attend school comfortably and safely. The event, which maintained a non-political tone despite some media reports, was a resounding success, highlighting the leaders’ dedication to community welfare.

On the second day of the campaign in Kitui South, Charlene Ruto continued her Zero Barefoot Campaign by distributing leather shoes to primary school children in Ikutha Sub County. Joined by EAC and ASALs CS Penina Malonza at Kyoani Primary School, the leaders received a warm welcome from students, teachers, and parents.

The campaign, aimed at providing footwear to children in need, underscores the commitment to improving students’ health and educational experiences in rural areas. The positive reception in Ikutha Sub County reflects the community’s appreciation for this impactful initiative.


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