Urgent Appeal by Motorists : Rehabilitate Mutomo-Ikutha Kanziku Junction Road


Boda boda riders and motorists in Mutomo sub-county have issued a heartfelt appeal for improved infrastructure, expressing their deep concerns about the deteriorating condition of the Mutomo to Ikutha Kanziku Junction road.

They are calling upon the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) to address the road’s evident state of disrepair.

The problems plaguing this vital transportation route are multifaceted. The road that links Mutomo to Kanziku town is riddled with potholes, making it a perilous journey for all travelers.

The situation is further aggravated by a seasonal stream originating from Mutomo Primary School, which becomes a small river during the rainy season. The culverts along the route have deteriorated, posing a significant risk to commuters.

One of the most urgent concerns is the collapse of old culverts, which require immediate replacement, especially with the impending arrival of El Niño rains this month. Failure to promptly address this issue could lead to transportation disruptions and potential hazards for residents.

The situation reached a tipping point just two weeks ago when heavy rains rendered the road almost impassable. This incident served as a stark reminder of the pressing need for swift action.

Residents and boda boda riders in the region have united to make a sincere plea to the government, specifically KeRRA, to initiate the reconstruction of this crucial road.

The deteriorating state of the Mutomo-Ikutha Kanziku Junction road directly impacts the livelihoods and safety of those who depend on it.

In the spirit of unity, they are urging an end to political rhetoric and personal attacks on leaders when addressing such significant issues. The focus now shifts towards constructive dialogue and collective efforts to ensure the revival of this vital road to meet the community’s needs.

Certain sections of the road are so narrow that two small vehicles cannot safely pass each other, particularly near the Kithini Drift, underscoring the urgency of the situation.

The heartfelt plea from the boda boda riders and residents of Mutomo sub-county serves as a reminder of the pivotal role infrastructure plays in the well-being and safety of communities.

It is hoped that KeRRA and the relevant authorities will respond to this call and take immediate action to rehabilitate the Mutomo-Ikutha Kanziku Junction road before the impending El Niño rains, safeguarding the livelihoods and safety of the people who rely on it.


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