Nic Mulila Commissions St Charles Lwanga School New 800-Student Dormitory Valued at Kshs 53 Million


In a noteworthy initiative led by Nicholas Mulila, Chief Corporate Security Officer at Safaricom, the Safaricom Mpesa Foundation has successfully completed the construction of a cutting-edge three-story dormitory at St Charles Lwanga Secondary School.

This state-of-the-art dormitory, generously funded by the Mpesa Foundation, underscores the foundation’s unwavering commitment to advancing educational excellence.

With a capacity to house 800 students, the dormitory stands as a testament to the foundation’s dedication to enhancing school infrastructure and creating an optimal learning environment.Under the leadership of Mr. Nicholas Mulila, who also chairs the St Charles School board, the Safaricom Foundation has invested a substantial amount—over 25.8 Million Kenyan Shillings—in the construction of this modern dormitory.

The total cost of the three-story structure amounts to an impressive 53 Million Kenyan Shillings, reflecting both the scale of the project and the commitment to ensuring quality facilities for the students.This substantial investment addresses the issue of congestion that has persisted in the school, providing a more comfortable and conducive space for over 800 students to thrive academically.

Mr. Nicholas Mulila, in his dual role as Chairman of the school’s board of directors, expressed the foundation’s eagerness to support school infrastructure.He emphasized the importance of hard work among the students, recognizing them as the future of the country.

Mulila’s words serve as an inspirational call to action, urging students to seize the opportunities facilitated by the enhanced facilities.The impact of the newly unveiled dormitory extends beyond its physical structure; it symbolizes an investment in the future of St Charles Lwanga Secondary School students.

By alleviating congestion and providing modern amenities, the upgraded facility is poised to create an environment conducive to focused learning and personal development.As we witness the culmination of the Safaricom Mpesa Foundation’s efforts in this remarkable project, it becomes evident that the commitment to education extends beyond mere rhetoric.

Guided by Nicholas Mulila, the foundation remains a beacon of hope for educational institutions, propelling them towards excellence and nurturing the potential within each student.

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