Mutha Residents in fear as Marauding Elephants Wreck havoc


Residents of Yavwia in Mutha ward, Kitui south, find themselves in the grip of a dual crisis as marauding elephants from National Tsavo East wreak havoc, and essential services like power and network connectivity remain elusive.

The three stray elephants, descending from Tsavo East, have left a trail of destruction, with Joel Maluki Mutava’s shamba being the latest casualty. Distressed residents are urgently appealing to Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officials to intervene and safeguard them from the unpredictable movements of these wildlife animals.

Mutha MCA Hon Dominic Mwamisi, echoing the concerns of his constituents, has called upon Cabinet Secretary Hon Dr. Alfred Mutua to deploy government machinery swiftly. The plea is for immediate action to drive away the marauding elephants, emphasizing the government’s responsibility to protect its residents in the face of such wildlife threats.

Adding to the community’s woes is a prolonged power outage that has plagued Mutha ward since 3rd November 2023. MCA Hon Dominic Mwamisi, addressing the power predicament, assured residents that efforts are underway to restore power. He stated, “Plans are underway to restore power as from next week once rains subside a little bit.” The reassurance aims to pacify residents as they endure the inconvenience caused by the lack of electricity.

Simultaneously, the issue of poor network connectivity compounds the challenges faced by Mutha ward residents. MCA Hon Mwamisi is urging telecommunication companies, particularly Safaricom, to install network boosters to address the gaps in coverage. This appeal seeks to bridge the communication divide and enhance connectivity for the community.

In the midst of these challenges, the residents of Mutha ward exemplify resilience, calling for collaborative efforts between government authorities, wildlife agencies, and telecommunications companies.

The hope is that swift intervention will not only mitigate the immediate threats posed by marauding elephants but also pave the way for improved infrastructure, ensuring a more stable and connected future for the community of Yavwia in Mutha ward.

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