Man pleads for justice after he was sent home four days after joining KDF



James Muthui, a 30 year old man from Mwingi central, Kitui is a disturbed man after he was successfully recruited to Kenya Defense Forces, under NYS category, joined the team but was sent home four days later.

Narrating his story, Muthui says he had tried joining the forces three times before he hit the maximum age limit of 26 years, but was lucky that this year’s qualification of having passed through NYS and being 30 years favoured him.

After the recruitment in Mwingi town on August 31, his national ID was taken from him and was awarded a calling letter to join the forces on 27 November at Kahawa Garrison.

He reported on the said date and unknown to him, he only stayed there for four days, and the fifth day, he was shown the door for reasons he didn’t understand and we’re not disclosed to him.

He says after he was shown the door, he got back his National Identity card and he handed back the calling letter, luckily, he had taken a photo of the calling letter, using his phone, a thing he says was highly prohibited.

The 8th born of his family says he’s a very disturbed man as his dreams of rescuing his family from the pangs of poverty have been shuttered.

He now pleads with the President through the Defense Ministry to intervene and get him back to work, saying he was sent back home together with two others.

David Maluki, his father said he had high hopes in his son, stating his light was shinning brighter untill Friday last week when Muthui returned home hopeless and his dreams of helping his needy family cut short.

Maluki says he’s been unwell ever since his son came back and now pleads with the government to intervene.

The man says among his ten children, Muthui was determined to save the situation of the family where all his other nine siblings are jobless.

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