Kitui County Takes Stride Towards Sustainable Sand Harvesting with Proposed Legislation


In a significant move towards environmental conservation and sustainable development, Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe, accompanied by Deputy Governor HE Augustine Kanani, convened a special meeting in Mutomo town.

The focus of the meeting was the draft Kitui County River Basin Sand Utilization and Conservation Policy and Bill.

Addressing the gathering, Deputy Governor Augustine Kanani took the lead in articulating the importance of the consultative meeting between Governor Malombe and the members of the County Assembly in Mutomo. The crux of the discussion centered on the need for a legislative framework to regulate and bring sanity to the uncontrolled sand harvesting in Kitui.Governor Malombe, in his opening remarks, urged the assembly members to prioritize the interests of the people in spearheading efforts to enact a law addressing the longstanding issue of unregulated sand harvesting.

He emphasized the community’s call for intervention during his candidacy, stating, “As leaders, we must have mechanisms on how sand will benefit our people.”Highlighting the significance of the proposed legislation, Governor Malombe expressed confidence that upon enactment, the Kitui County River Basins Sand Utilization and Conservation Bill would be a landmark legislation showcasing Kitui’s commitment to sustainable development and environmental conservation.

The Governor’s vision for the legislation is rooted in the idea that it will serve as a crucial tool in curbing the environmental impact of unregulated sand harvesting, ultimately benefiting the local populace.

The proposed bill, taken to the county assembly on July 17, 2023, awaits legislation, marking a pivotal step in the direction of formalizing regulations governing sand utilization in Kitui.The draft policy accompanying the bill is poised to play a vital role in facilitating enforcement once the legislative process is complete.

Its integration into law is expected to provide the necessary framework for sustainable sand harvesting practices, aligning Kitui County with broader environmental conservation goals.

The consultative session in Mutomo represents a collaborative effort between the executive and legislative branches, showcasing a united front in addressing environmental concerns and fostering responsible resource utilization. As Kitui progresses towards a more regulated approach to sand harvesting, the proposed legislation signals a commitment to balancing development with environmental stewardship.Ends///

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