Jubilee National Treasurer, Dr. Kaki Nyamai, Extols National Dialogue Committee’s Inclusive Strategy


During a recent Jubilee meeting focused on the scrutiny of the National Dialogue Committee report, Dr. Kaki Nyamai, the Member of Parliament for Kitui South and Jubilee National Treasurer, expressed admiration for the committee’s endeavors.

Under the leadership of *Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka and Kimani Ichungwa*, the meeting received accolades from Dr. Nyamai for its emphasis on uniting Kenyans beyond political divides.

*Dr. Nyamai praised the committee’s unwavering dedication to representing the aspirations of every citizen, underscoring their commitment to championing the welfare of ‘mwananchi’.

She highlighted the committee’s exceptional approach in embracing diverse perspectives across Kenya, commending their efforts to transcend political disparities for the sake of national progress.


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