Empowering Communities: Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe Celebrates Graduation of 4000 Contractors


In a significant stride towards community development, Kitui Governor Dr. Julius Malombe (EGH) is actively involved in the graduation ceremony of 4000 empowered contractors at the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI).

The culmination of a countywide training initiative, which concluded yesterday, marks a pivotal moment for residents of Kitui County.

The comprehensive training initiative, strategically designed to benefit the community, targeted a minimum of 100 individuals from each of the 40 wards within the county. The primary objective was to equip participants with essential skills and knowledge crucial for engaging in government and private sector contracts, ultimately creating avenues for increased income opportunities.

The four-day capacity-building program was successfully implemented across all eight subcounties, spearheaded by the County Ministry of Roads, Public Works, and Transport. The collaboration with the National Construction Authority (NCA) further enhanced the program’s impact, ensuring a holistic approach to skill development.

The initiative not only addresses the immediate needs of the community but also aligns with broader economic goals by fostering a skilled and empowered workforce capable of contributing to both public and private sector projects. This approach not only enhances the economic landscape of Kitui County but also contributes to the overall development of the region.

At the graduation ceremony, Governor Dr. Malombe engaged with participants, reinforcing the importance of their newfound skills in the context of local development. The event also provided an opportunity for the Governor to exchange pleasantries with the NCA Executive Director, Eng. Maurice Akech, highlighting the collaborative nature of the initiative.

The impact of this training initiative extends beyond the graduation ceremony, as the 4000 empowered contractors now join the local workforce ready to contribute meaningfully to various projects. Kitui County stands as a testament to the positive outcomes that result from strategic partnerships, community-focused initiatives, and visionary leadership.

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